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Yapı Merkezi Split Projesi in Ethiopia

The Turkish company Yapi Merkezi, which built a 400-kilometer railway in Ethiopia, completed the first test run in the first phase, breaking the project. Yapı Merkezi Addis Ababa Regional Director of Financial Affairs Murat Öcal answered questions about the company's projects in Ethiopia and Africa. The company built a significant part of the railway line that connects Ethiopia with 100 million people to the port of Djibouti and has completed construction of dozens of tunnels and bridges up to now.

A total of 7 thousand 200 people are working.

Ocal said that the project will pass on two phases of life and that the first phase is between the cities of Awash and Kombolcha and the second phase is between Kombolcha and Hara Gebaya cities.

Öcal said, "The project is 50 percent complete. 83 percent of the first phase was completed, and even a test drive in the history of Ethiopia was achieved, reaching a speed of over 100 kilometres per hour. Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn also participated in the test drive, "he said.

Ocal said that the project has 2,200 people working for Turk, 4,600 for local and 400 for other countries. "This project is an important project for Ethiopia as far as we are concerned. The prosperity will emerge more and more every year and will proudly display the services of the people, the Yapi Center, the Ethiopian Railways and the Turkish-Ethiopian engineers after many years.

"The Turkish engineers and the Ethiopian engineers have provided the project with technical information," said Mr. Ocal. "The number of our Turkish staff is gradually declining. Now we are moving towards a stage where we will deliver the project to Ethiopian experts. "

Ocalan, the importance of the project, said: "Because one end of Ethiopia is connected to the other. A merchant living in Mekele will now be able to easily sell their products to the central cities of the country. "

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